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                                                YOGA WINE YES PLEASE! 



That's right, yoga and wine in the same place! You're not dreaming. Hosted by the amazing yogi Janine and Domaine Perrault. 

Yogiwino hosts exclusive events that pair your affection for fine wines and your love of yoga.

More of a wino than anything else? Not quite ready to step into a studio and give yoga a try? YogiWino events are for you. No intimidation. No pressure. Just a fun night out in the company of some pretty awesome people. Oh, and drinking wine in your yoga pants! 

So, get your gal pals together. Call your spouse. Book a special date with your mom or sister. YogiWino is blazing a new trail with special events that give us all an excuse to SIP, STRETCH and SOCIALIZE. 

Newbie yogis AND winos are welcome! 

First Event on July 11th! 

Visit and search Yogiwino  for tickets!

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