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1000 Perrault Road, Navan, Ontario K4B 1H8 Ottawa ON Canada K4B 0B2

519 857 3860

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Our Wines

Red Wines

Rosalie $16

Sweet red. Juicy and delicious flavors of cassis, cherries, cranberry, and raspberry. Serve with appetizers, light bbq, turkey, ham, pasta, pizza, salads.

Cabernet Franc $18

Dry, medium-bodied red. Succulent flavors of plums, black raspberries, and spice. Serve with hamburgers, beef skewers, Indian food, red sauce pasta pizza.

Gabrielle $30

Exceptional red wine from our Marquette vine. A hybrid with grape with s tobacco aroma, full in flavor, yet very light in bod. Serve with sharp cheese or beef, or smoked meat. 

Cabernet-Sauvignon Merlot $26

Dry Red-

Chocolate, black cherry, black raspberry, light smokey flavors. Pair with steak or roast beef, BBQ, Italian cuisine, dark chocolate, game meats, ribs 

   Réserve Des Propriétaires $60

Dry red. Complex flavors of dried fruit, coco, plums, anise, cooked prunes, and tobacco. Pair with wild meats, lamb, braised ribs, fennel dishes, hazelnuts, Charcuterie  selection, decadent chocolate cake. 

Malbec $30

Dry, Rich and Complex Red-

Plums, anise, smoke, and tobacco flavors. Pair with roasted and grilled meats, ragout, heavy red sauces, or lamb. 

   Réserve Bernard $20

        Our version of a Porto!

Fortified red wine. Coffee, black cherries, tobacco, dried fruit flavors. Pair with strong blue cheeses, dark chocolates, nuts, dark fruits, pumpkin pie.